We are a small congregation of believers. Our ministry started out in our house in 2010. In December 2014 the Lord sent us to Denmark, South Carolina. We are going on four years with the journey of faith in the Lord. Our ministry is sharing the love of Christ to all people. Telling people that Jesus Christ is the answer for mankind. Anointing of Glory Ministry is teaching ministry. We are teaching the believer who they are in Christ. The Holy Spirit will lead the Church into all truth. The Holy Spirit will lead the church beyond the natural realm into the glory realm. Every trial that comes to test our faith is an opportunity to obey the Lord and grow. As we walk in our identity our purpose and identity will become the Lord purpose. Our purpose is in our identity. Walking in our identity will lead us to become the glorious Bride that Jesus is waiting to manifest. We need to walk in our true identity so the gates of hell shall not prevail against us. Our lives will honor Jesus when we walk in our true identity. The truth cant be compromised if the truth is compromised we will never found our true identity. Let us let the Holy Spirit Lead us into all truth. Our heart and soul and body got to line with the truth to walk in our true identity. Our ministry was commission by the Lord to teach the saints who there are in Christ!

Our vision is to lead people to Christ. The vision of Anointing of Glory Ministry is making disciples for Christ. After becoming disciples is to teach them their identity in Christ.  Knowing our who we are in Christ the Church can grow up into maturity. Our purpose is to share the Love of Christ and His wonderful saving grace.  The church is a living organism and breathing the life of Christ. Beleive that this generation should leave a   legacy of greater works for the next generation to follow. Our ministry is called by God to equip the Saint for the work of the ministry. Teaching the believer to walk in the spiritual gifts. We believe that every saint is called to work ministry in some capacity. Our goal is to reach all nations for Jesus Christ.